​​​High Definition Concrete Consulting

Eliminating analog alternatives through high level of experience and integral degree of industry knowledge.

Consulting services

​​​​​​Benefit Analysis ​... ​first step in establishing whether a project is viable and will perform as required as required and/or specified.

​Value Assessment & Selection ... ​taking into account utilization of custom formulated material in order to assure longevity and functionality with a clear focus on the end use of the surface and elements it will be routinely subjected to; guaranteeing value received is equal to or better than investment made.

Feasibility Report​ ... ​determining whether a particular system, coating, or material has the physical properties necessary to meet and/.or exceed site specific requirements; as well as governmental mandates/criteria in relation to safety and sanitation (ADA, OSHA, FDA, USDA).

Life-Cycle Cost​Analysis​ ... addressing the annual cost of required cleaning/maintenance, recoating/resealing, protective finishes.  Taking into account varying degrees of resistance to elements of nature and/or common chemicals, ability to withstand continual public use in relation to integral wear/abrasion resist properties, and/or other factors that all have an important bearing on longevity, performance, and life-cycle costs.

​Unbiased Professional Opinions​ ... to assist in determining if there is an actual basis for claims or disputes.  Clearly stating basic limitations and exclusions in execution of proposals/contracts will deter misunderstanding by all concerned.  I have authored two documents which are available upon request (complimentary basis) ... ​Proper Care and Maintenance of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Systems and Basic Limitations and Exclusions.

​Forensic Failure Analysis​ ... integral approach that takes into consideration unforeseeable conditions, extreme forces of nature, damage brought about by property owners failure to properly clean and maintain interior or exterior surfaces as directed by contractor/applicator at time of installation, ground faults and/or substrate settling that led to cracks in concrete and/or overlayments, excess rising vapor transmission (exceeding 3 lbs per 1000 sq.ft by use of calcium chloride test kits; or, use of moisture meter that measures relative humidity of slab, topical or advanced moisture probe.) due to prolonged periods of rainfall or groundwater springs (if concrete was poured in winter, in rare instances there could be a ground water frozen spring that when thawed in spring could bring about hydrostatic issues and thus cause bond failure issues) beyond the resistant properties of the material/coating/sealer used, inadequate deferred maintenance, along with various other factors that all play a role in the lasting beauty/integrity/survival of the interior or exterior surface.  Furthermore, determining whether substrate/surface preparation, application techniques, and/or materials/products that were selected for use, or other such factors may have compounded and/or led to defects.

Conflict Resolution and Claims Mitigation ​... resolution of disputes through mediation in order to avoid costly litigation and valuable time spent in court by the analyzing of facts, diagnosing the cause, and prognosis that focuses on forging a settlement.  Included is perusing of all documentation, providing a detailed written report, determining critical issues, and proposing a precise plan o f action in order to resolve perplexing issues/concerns.

​General Consulting and Defect Claims ​... defects can occur on rare occasions; however, in most cases the cause of failures relates to expectations that go beyond the physical properties and/or capabilities of the materials selected for use.  Shelf life and proper storage of materials, inability to apply within window of time (pot life), application oin hot or cold extremes that are outside the perimeters set forth by product manufacturer, high levels of relative humidity, failure to heed all application guidelines of manufacturer's, and/or inadequate surface preparation prior to application of materials in lieu of defective materials; just to name a few.

​It is my belief that each company is unique.  One side approaches will never help your business reach its full potential, which is why I strive to deliver custom solutions, tailored to fit your needs and one-of-a-kind challenges; which is why I offer a wide range of consulting services, all designed to help your company reach its full potential. My services are available "a la carte" so you can get precisely what you individualized needs and requirements.


​Hands on individualized training available by appointment (continuously throughout the year).  ​Please contact for information pertaining to materials, coatings, systems, or products you have interest in ... these could be 1 day if you are only interested in a few, up to 3 days for all those offered ... assuring  maximum degree of success and a strong foundation to build your business and referrals on.


​** Personalized sales literature & brochures.

​** Individualized marketing plan based on your services and areas of expertise.

​** Comparisons designed to target plus factors of one material over alternative products.

​** Compose technical data & specifications, scope of work for bid proposals or manufacturer.

​** Personalized contracts or proposals.

​** Limited Warranties and care/maintenance guidelines.

​** Press releases in order to promote new products or services.

​** Targeted website written content (note: I do NOT design websites)

​** Freelance writing for magazines publications or journals and/or ghost writing.


Author of ...​ Secrets of Selling (SOS) High Definition Decorative Concrete and Concrete Resurfacing Systems ​... ​a guidebook to proven, successful, sales and marketing strategies, and concepts.  Cost $35.00 (e-book) or $45.00 printed/bound (including sending Priority mail); invoiced and paid through secure PayPal site ... email or call to order. Prior to ordering, for your insight, will provide you via email with detailed summary of each one of its 16 chapters.