​​​High Definition Concrete Consulting

Eliminating analog alternatives through high level of experience and integral degree of industry knowledge.

PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING ... based on my extensive 30+ years of hands-on field experience, technical expertise, cutting edge knowledge, and respected reputation in the ever evolving world of concrete.

​​Offering assistance in material selection based on end use needs and requirements the surface will be routinely subjected to ... sourcing and procurement of materials and systems related to interior and exterior concrete resurfacing systems and high performance coatings, decorative/architectural concrete, seamless industrial/commercial/facility sanitary flooring, clear and decorative epoxies ... resolutions to problematic issues and failures ... slip/fall resistant safety surfacing (ADA & OSHA compliant)



  • Architectural/Decorative Concrete Hardscapes ... acid staining & concrete dyes, polymer modified cementitious overlayments and micro-toppings, textured/patterned/stamped concrete, and high performance polyaspartic aliphatic polyureas/PAP's
  • Resinous Coatings & Sealers ... water and solvent based acrylics (clear or pigmented, interior/exterior use), 100% solids Industrial Epoxy (clear, factory colors, custom colors), metallic enhanced 100% solids enhanced Industrial Epoxy (unlimited freedom of design as to color or multi-colored), aliphatic urethanes, and extensive knowledge/experience in relation to proprietary custom PAP formulation.
  • Seamless Industrial/Commercial flooring systems ... epoxy/colorquartz with our without integral cove base (Clear/100% solids Industrial Epoxy or PAP) and decorative flake/chip flooring systems (Clear/100% solids Industrial Epoxy or PAP).
  • Elastomeric/Rubberized Safety Surfaces ... seamlessly applied textured (20-30 mesh rubber granule) self-leveling liquid rubber waterproofing systems that flexes with substrate movement, is non-biodegradable, provides cushioned/impact resistant comfort, meeting the sanitary surfacing criteria of the USDA/FDA, responsibly addresses slip/fall safety concerns of OSHA & ADA guidelines.  Ideal for interior or exterior applications over various compatible substrates (wood, concrete, metal, other compatible composites). This unique type of elastomeric membrane is frequently specified for use as a seamless waterproof barrier under floor tile, cementious overlayments including those of a decorative nature, or to guard against moisture intrusion that can bring about mold/mildew.
  • Impact Resistant Safety Surfacing ... 1-3mm edpm rubber granules, binder being a flexible  UV resistant aliphatic urethane troweled seamlessly in place at approximately 3/8" to 1/2" thick, applied over concrete/wood/metal, resulting in a cushioned/impact resistant porous safety surfacing.  For playground use, rubber buffings are combined with a flexible urethane, thickness of which is mandated by how far a child could fall from the highest point, over which the standard 3/8" to 1/2" granular/urethane bonded surface is applied.
  • Epoxy Stone Surfaces ... Naturally rounded riverstone, unlimited blends of colors, combined with 100% UV resistant solids epoxies, troweled in place to create porous resurfacing systems (eliminates the hazards associated puddling water). Interior or exterior use (swimming pool decks, patios & sidewalks, driveways, etc). Can be custom designed with mosaic like logos, street numbers, contracting borders, etc.  Special custom formulated Epoxy for reseal purposes (suspends itself from surface to substrate to maintain strength, bonding to concrete beneath, and beauty.
  • Concrete Repair ... repair of cracks using epoxy, urethane grouts, and PAP.  Use of stitching dogs or plates if cracks are deemed to be structural/active. 


​Be it analysis, specification, or selection of a surfacing system and/or protective coating that best meets individualized end use needs of current or future projects; forensic investigation of problematic issues, written diagnosis of probable causes, prognosis in relation to remedies, defect claims, identification of deferred or lack of proper/routine maintenance leading to current situation, or other demanding concerns that require prompt attention.

​Professional consulting services are available at reasonable rates; focusing on the equitable resolving of disputes, in order to avoid costly litigation. 

​Consulting service at reasonable rates ... contractors, property owners, specifiers, architects, and interior/exterior designers, property management companies who are responsible for maintenance and renovations, commercial/retail property developers, as well as all others who have a vested interest in success, longevity, and performance.


Sales marketing literature, trade magazines and journals, technical documents and reports, and other trade related documents.


All the materials, systems, products referred to above in "AREAS of EXPERTISE" are readily available ... simply give me a call at your convenience (day/night/weekend) for pertinent information including specifications, brochures, application procedures and coverage rates, care and maintenance guidelines, or answers to any questions you may have based on you or your customers individual needs.  Specialize in concrete resurfacing products/systems/coatings/resinous materials/decorative concrete overlays/etc of McKinnon Materials Inc. (since 1981) ... as well high performance proprietary polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea/PAP (clear, pigmented, or variegated stain/PAP, and metallic additive PAP enhancement, along with vinyl chip/flake floors) of Flexmar Coatings Inc (since 2005) .  Knowledge, experience, application insights, and provider of ...

Acrylics (water and solvent based), Industrial Epoxies 100%solids (clear, pigmented, and custom colored with no minimums), decorative metallic additives (incorporated in clear/100% solids epoxy for 3D floors), polyaspartic aliphatic polyureas/PAP's (clear, pigmented, and variegated/stain PAPs), and various other protective/shielding interior and exterior coatings; along with industrial flooring systems including decorative vinyl chip/flake (incorporating the use of 100% solids epoxy or PAPs), double broadcst/seamless colorquatz flooring (with or without integral cove base), as well as various concrete resurfacing systems/materials.  In addition to these, also seamless self-leveling elastomeric/rubberized safety surfacing for interior or/exterior application that is impact resistant, flexible, sanitary, textured with 20-30 mesh rubber granules, and will not biodegrade; this elastomeric membrane is also used as a flexible/seamless waterproofing underlayment over which decorative concrete cementatious materials, tile, natural stone, etc can be applied, protecting wood substrates from deterioration due to water/moisture intrusion.  24/7 technical assistance provided, based on my 30+ years of professional trade related experience.

If you are a contractor in need of any/all of these materials; or have questions related to them, I will promptly provide you with free quotes for materials/products/systems/coatings along with shipping to your location upon request.  

Thank you for your time, interest, and consideration.  May all your endeavors be successful ... reaping you the revenue, referrals, and rewards of a job well done that are second to none. ​​​​